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Funding Staffing

We understand staffing and the challenges this industry faces, such as cash flow constraints and time-consuming admin. We believe staffing and hiring companies thrive when they are doing what they do best—building relationships and providing their services.

staffing finance

We understand your needs

  • Finance your invoices to ensure you make payroll
  • Funding of Federal Government invoices
  • Management of your source deduction

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Our commitment to your business

  • We'll provide you with back office services - payroll, tax management and supplier payments
  • We'll give you the working capital you need within 48 hours of inquiry
  • Our funding solutions adapt and grow with your business
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Our funding solutions adapt and grow with your business

Your Staffing finance benefits

  • Credit insurance if required
  • Confidentiality - no need to disclose our involvement
  • Financing on temporary placements
  • Up to 90% advance rate 
  • Full back office support available for payroll, tax management, WSIB/WSB payments and supplier payments

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