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We understand the pressures in cash flow and time in running a services business. Often, overseas suppliers do not provide credit terms. With this in mind, we have developed products and services to support your business with flexible funding that can be used to support the business to deliver projects and contracts.


We understand your needs

  • Flexibility to bill in arrears
  • No need for progress billing
  • Provide growing capital for start-ups


Our commitment to your business

  • We'll fund off copies - no need to supply original invoices
  • We'll give you the working capital you need within 48 hours of inquiry
  • Our funding solutions adapt and grow with your business
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Your commercial finance benefits

  • Fast access to cash
  • Customer credit information
  • Credit insurance if required
  • Confidentiality - no need to disclose our involvement
  • No credit history required for start-ups

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