• Product Purchase Order Financing / Factoring
  • Location Toronto, Canada
  • Industry Promotional Product Manufacturing
What I appreciated the most was Bibby's view of lending as more of a partnership. They worked with us to ensure that our company had the capital it needed to grow. It was a great solution for us, as our growth trajectory was high and we needed a financing partner that could handle the growth and help us to stay competitive. Their team worked hard to assist us in achieving our goals. Matthew MacDonald, President and CEO, Bump Creative


Bump Creative Partners, a Toronto-based company, specializes in the design and importation of first-rate promotional, seasonal and packaged products for retailers looking to provide creative “gift-with-purchase” merchandising, sales incentives and end-cap display products.

Bump sources the most fashionable, on-trend and unique products in the world, even working with manufacturers in Asia to bring new concepts to market. Taking a hot idea and turning it in to a ready-to-market product requires liquidity and flexibility. The company experienced a surge in growth in 2009, and in order to meet the needs of their customers, turned to Bibby Financial Services for funding.


 Bibby Financial Services provided Bump Creative with a $1.75 million invoice factoring facility. This access to capital helped the company source promotional products for large retail stores in both Canada and the United States and pay its suppliers overseas.

At the beginning of the relationship, Bump Creative took advantage of purchase order financing from Bibby Financial Services, which freed up the funding needed for supplier deposits. However, the company also faced the challenge of extended customer payment terms of 40 days or longer, leaving it short on liquid assets. The flexible solution provided by Bibby Financial Services to help close that gap was traditional invoice factoring.


Funding from Bibby Financial Services gave Bump Creative the cash flow needed to maintain payroll and other daily operations, while also allowing for business development and growth. Bump Creative’s revenue is nearly double what it was when the company first engaged with Bibby Financial Services. The company is now in a strong enough financial position to return to traditional bank funding, something that would not have been possible without its partnership with Bibby Financial Services. 

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